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I purchased a vehicle from JD Byrider in South Attleboro in September 2012, since then my car has been in their shop 6 times for a majority of different reasons. I have never dealt with more rude, arrogant people than the mechanics that work there.

My car was in there 2 weeks ago only to break down once again and now they are claiming what is broken is not covered under waranty and will cost me $400 to fix. But if they were doing their job 2 weeks ago, would this new problem with my car have gone unnoticed? They could have prevented this but instead they chose to ignore it and just turn my engine light off.

I am disgusted with the work and employees of this business! Their customer service along with their attitudes are beyond ignorant!

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Did you forget you purchased a used car??....They do break down.... They do cost money to own...

(its called cost of ownership). it sounds like you were upset before you even went in there and with that kind of attitude it can rub off on people(even ones trying to help you). I purchased a car there and Mike the service manager has always gone above and beyond for me! I tell all my friends that have credit issues to go there.

There loans are under 4 years and you get a 2 year warranty and 5 dollar oil changes!

I made my payments on time and now I was able to get a loan for a car at another dealership because of there credit reporting!!

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