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Well to make a long story short, I purchased a car from J.D. Byrider or as they say on the finance paperwork D.B.A CNAC, I was making the deferred down payment installments in which I had 2 more to go.

The payment was Due on a Sunday Dec, 1, 2013 to be exact.. Well I started receiving phone calls from Ryan-who stated that he was the Mgr for CNAC, I told I knew my payment was due and would make it on Monday but no later than Tuesday. Well here's where it gets real interesting. I started receiving calls on Monday while at work, and then again at 6:15 where I informed them I had just got off of work and would try to get to them, but if not I would make the payment that Tuesday morning.

After picking up my child from the daycare, I drove over there only to see they were closed, so I decided to call the them the next morning to tell them that I would deposit money and call the payment in. Well when I awakened on Tuesday Dec, 3- to go to work the car was GONE!! Called J.D. Byrider and they stated that they took the car because I defaulted and made the payment was late, now listen to this twist, on Thursday I received a Contract stating that they were releasing themselves as well as me, from the contract of the car.

All because I contacted a lawyer and they did not want a law suit. People just beware this company does not practice ethical business practices at ALL....

Monetary Loss: $13000.

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I stopped caring as soon as you went, "Due on Sunday .... blah blah blah" - You were late.

They acted accordingly due to the high risk consumer in which they service.

ha - Pay your bills on time and you wouldn't get this issue. Simple.

New York, New York, United States #798721

I used to work for them. Now get this, the manager offered that I could by any car for cost because I was an employee.

I was told that they never pay anymore than 1800. for the cars on the lot and that any additional costs would be for any fixing they do and detailing of the car before it is put out on the line. Yet every single car I asked about was several thousands of dollars alleging that they spent all kinds of money to fix it up...since I was close to them, worked there, an underling that hung out in the mechanic shop and detail booth, I knew that the majority of cars that they would pick would need min repair before putting it on the line. So just for the heck of it, I pulled my credit from all three agencies to see and verify what I already knew: that I owed nobody a single dime, had an extensive credit history and always paid on time and in full and that my score was the highest it can be.

I go and ask one of the sales to look into finance for me, but guess what?

They did not acknowledge my excellent credit rating, did not offer any reduced rate because of it and even told me I had questionable credit. The very next day I quit my job there realizing what scam artists they really are.

Merrillville, Indiana, United States #775316

Same thing happened to me! Very similar! :eek

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #774367

The reason you received that paper is because you were in your deferred down payment stage not because they were afraid of a lawyer. They could have went after you for the deficiency balance on your loan but unlike most dealerships wells Fargo bank of America Santander etc they did not so your lucky and yet your on here Bit***** about there company. when your credit was probably so jacked up you shouldn't have got approved so be happy they" let you out"

to Anonymous Merrillville, Indiana, United States #775317

This is probably an employee of JD Byrider

Duluth, Georgia, United States #762676

Has anyone else paid the car off and cant get a title


Not to defend this company because they do charge a ridiculous finance/interest rate, and in the end,you will pay 5 times what the vehicle is worth,and unfortunately,some locations have sales people that tell just flat out lies to sell you a vehicle and the service departments in some locations DO NOT FIX the issue with your vehicle the 1st,2nd,3rd or 4th time till you are OUT OF WARRANTY so it will not affect their allowed monthly allotment of funds and keep them from getting a bonus,.....but....as you stated, you were in the DOWN PAYMENT PHASE,which is a "testing period" for them to see how you plan to pay....after all,they are a ZERO GRACE DAY PERIOD COMPANY and all this IS EXPLAINED TO A CUSTOMER BEFORE AND DURING YOUR PURCHASE....I know for a fact that if you came due on a Sunday,a day which they are closed and you are not able to make the payment on the Saturday before,then you are expected to make that payment the next business day before they close or you ARE IN DEFAULT OF YOUR CONTRACT...Thus the reason they repo'd the vehicle. If this was how you planned to pay at the beginning of the loan,when you were almost certainly told you CANNOT BE LATE, then why would they want to continue on after that point, and they were not scared of you getting a lawyer, they can do what is called a BACKOFF if you are late during this phase of a loan to where they can essentially CANCEL to contract with a customer and the vehicle is either returned to the store or repo'd and there is no further responsibility from you the customer to them and there is no harm to your credit either.

To be truthful, they did you a FAVOR,...chances WERE great that you would again be past due and if you had finished the down payment phase,you would have been responsible for the ENTIRE LOAN BALANCE with no chance of backing it off. Again, not saying they are a GREAT COMPANY WITH ALL CUSTOMERS WHO COME ACROSS THEM,but you know what you are getting into from the start as far as not being able to be late and paying way more than you should for a car.....


So you bought a car and borrowed the money and they expected you to keep your word and make the payments on time? Pfffttttt imagine the nerve!

to Wow #815510

Your either an employee of JD Buttrider or someone with no life, that just cruises sites like this to kick people while they are down, if it's the later, then you should be the former.


They are a company that people with bad credit or no credit use. If the payment was due on Sunday, why couldn't you make it on Saturday?

If you could have made a deposit on Tuesday and call the payment in, why couldn't you do that on Monday? To me it sounds like you wouldn't have the money until Tuesday. If you are so hard up you have to buy cars from Byrider, how can you afford an attorney?

IF you did hire an attorney, they wouldn't have contacted Byrider that fast. Lawyers just don't operate that fast.

to anonymous #815513

Awe look at that another misogynistic *** that thinks his or her crystal ball lets them see all the details in a persons life and then pass judgment on them and even predict what they would do. Why aren't you in Vegas making a killing right now?

What, JD Byrider wouldn't give you the day off? Oh, I'm sorry I forgot your an employee of JD Byrider. Misogynistic:(mĭ-sŏj′ə-nĭs′tĭk)adj. ;Of or characterized by a hatred of women.

In this case your hatred is directed at your mother for not allowing you to breastfeed past the age of 18.

You then take out your hatred on complete strangers. Have you started pulling the legs off of spiders and wings off of flies yet?

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