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Bought a *** car Saturday September 15 at 5pm wait not to mention the car we wanted the sales person sold right in our face to some fat dude who couldn't get in the car . And way bigger issues 2 hours later buying the other car check engine light comes on we call sat and Sunday and monday only for him to schedule us this friday to come in while 2day turning on air conditioning car starts running and idling funny call them again at 730 pm to get scheduled to come in 1st thing in the morning only to have this *** *** car shut off while going in reverse to get in home deive way cuts off in the middle of the street and starts smoking and wouldnt start we had to push the *** in the drive way and guess what they are closed now this *** car needs towed and these *** better give us a loaner and a *** better car aint been 3 days let alone the 1st *** day the check engine light comes on ..

and im super pissed cause the *** sold the car we really wanted in our *** face only to give us this peice of *** .. dont think ill justbe a victim you picked the right one today *** wit our jobs and taking our money with a smile on yo face ... i curse each and evey last one of you that was there that day esp the guy who sold the car we wanted and gave us this peice of *** ... 4 the rest of your and future familys existence...

do me wrong i do you worse *** THIS Place. Was supposed to get the Cadillac but got this *** *** 300 i wish i could post videos cause i have plenty of the *** of this car and place. I did my research to so they have several law suite going from 2017 where people are getting fed up wit these lemons they are set to sue jdbyrider. Its now 12.25 pm no car but still have a car payment and insurance i pay for on this mafucking car i dont have the service department calls that dude is bout the only person who was professional and sympathetic to the situation need more people's like him but that DOES NOT MAKE UP FOR A *** CAR THAT IM PAYING CAR NOTES AND CAR INSURANCE FOR BUT IS NOT IN MY POSSESSION AND *** WITH MY JOB AND MONEY AND TIME ..

I WILL DEFINITELY BE UPDATING SOON.. make sure u read contract they have some *** called KAHU where they automatically enroll you into it ... where you should be able to select it not it already be selected its a gps service they sign you up for 3 years and charge you for it .. its optional 195 dollars ...

also THAT SERVICE OF 60 000 MOLES OR 48 MONTHS YOU PAY FOR IT 2695 ADDED TO BILL ALONGE WITH A 50 DOLLAR DEDUCTIBLE u think its some great warranty they provide with there cars *** no... JOSH KERSHNER I HOPE THEY PAY YOU ENOUGH TO THINK YOU CAN *** ME OVER WITH A SMILE ON YOUR FACE .. so today September 2018 they told me the car needed a starter egr valve and had a manifold leak and my car would be returned they fixed all that *** only to tell me the engine is blown and aint no telling when im get my *** back like really ... are u serious ...

ya ok. Only to call to speak with manager for her to act like shes not in . To speak to this guy whos the 2nd in command and ask him how the car goes from needed a starter and egr vavle and a manifold leak to it needing a new *** engine and me still with no *** car only for him to try and rush me off the phone to have service call me back . SERVICE DEPARTMENT IS GREAT ITS EVERYBODY ELSE THATS THE PROBLEM YALL STRAIGHT TRASH..

i also see they took my pictures down who the *** gave them permission to do that wtf. And the manager angie is trash they will feed you excuses till the end but for the 19 point inspection done supposedly done i shouldn't of had these type of issue's period. Playing with my job and money i should be able to have your job in question.

I aksed angie for the person over her number she wouldn't provide the information but thats not going to stop me she needs fired. Any body who needs HR THE NUMBER IS 317-249-3000 and (888) 240-3595 and email them to get to the hire ups at customerservice@jdbyrider.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Jd Byrider Customer Care.

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Was told they could get me into a car or a truck so come on down to Ohio from Michigan so we drove down out of our way did the paper work only to be told I have to make 1.200.00 a month before the could help me thats all kinds of *** wrong

to fallenangel065 #1579135

"sold right in our face to some fat dude" Ha Ha.... Your foulness brought this upon you. Sounds like the big man was more important than your low budge self...

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